Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Arghh!!! Damn PSN!!

This whole psn down bs is getting on my nerves. Ever since beating portal 2 I have really been wanting to play coop. Since psn is down I can't and now I hear that some personal info may have been stolen as well. I don't know whats up with those guys at Sony but they need to get on the ball. Has this affected you guys in anyway?? I heard that it might be back up in May but that's a long time to wait for some portal 2 coop in my opinion. Do you think they should offer any kind of free stuff to make up for it? What do you guys think?


  1. Im a xbox user and I have to pay to play online. Now that sucks

  2. it wasnt really their fault, though. a ridiculous hacking scheme. plus, i dont think psn is a paid service, right? so there shouldnt be any compensation.
    but thats just me :(

  3. Really sucks that PSN is down, portal 2 Co-Op is fantastic!

    PS. Nice blog, I'm Following you now bro :)

  4. Awesome post! Keep up the good blogging!

  5. portal 2 coop? i guess it is a game, correct?
    ineed more explanation.
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