Monday, May 2, 2011

Ufc 129!!!!

Hey everyone how was your weekend?? Mine was pretty cool on Saturday we had a bbq for my bros birthday and we also ordered Ufc 129. Did any of you catch it? There was some pretty sick ko's including a flying karate kid movie kick from Machida to knockout Randy Couture, which for me was the best part of the night. Although I was pretty wasted so I had re-watch the fights the next day lol. The main event was pretty boring but oh well. Also psn is supposed to come back up sometime this week so I am looking forward to that. Well thats all I have for now cya.


  1. Never been much for UFC; although I am waiting to see if the PSN will come back up.

  2. should be great! never played this though

  3. eeeeeek at these kinds of fights. I really cant watch them sorry lol