Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ufc 119!!!

So ufc 119 mir vs cro cop is tonight if you guys watch mma I would like to know who you guys have to win??

I'll talk about the two main fights Mir vs. Cro cop and Ryan bader vs Antonio Rogerio Nogueira

Lets let at the the strength and weakness of Ryan Bader and Nogeira who I will now refer to as Lil nog

Ryan Bader                                                                         Lil Nog
-good stand up and knockout power                                    -good stand up and knockout power
-good wrestling                                                                    -questionable wrestling
-questionable ground defense and submissions                      -good ju jutsu and ground defense
 but good ground and pound

So by looking at these stats I think this will mainly stay on the feet since Ryan Bader won't want to mess with lil nogs ground game. Both of these fighters have good stand up and knockout power but I will give this fight to the younger more explosive fighter who also has a lot of momentum coming into this fight.

I have Ryan Bader by ko round 1.

Now lets take a look at the main event Frank Mir vs. Cro Cop

Frank Mir                                                                  Cro Cop
-Decent stand up                                                        -Awesome Stand up
-Great submissions                                                     -Decent take down defence
-Glass jaw                                                                  -poor ground game

Ok so my take on this fight is that Frank Mir is a very smart fighter and always comes in with a game plan.
 I think due to his decent stand up and great ground he will try and get this fight to the ground and submitt Cro Cop. Obviously Cro Cop is gonna go for a ko and very well good happen if Frank Mir drops his gaurd but I don't think that will happen so I have to give it to Mir.

I have Frank Mir by submission in round 2.

Ok guys so let me know what you think in the comments.